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1907 - "God Preserved Us."

In the year of 1907 we had 180 day pupils and 70 board­ers.  Everyone was happy to see the number of graduates rise to 14.  Forty children received their First Holy Communion on Ascension Day.

Mother Seraphine, the Provincial Superior of Germany, representing Reverend Mother, visited all the American houses, and from October 21 to 28, she, with Mother Leonarda of Buffalo, spent the week at St. Mary's.  Old and young were hap­py to have her with us.  All the pupils of the Academy welcomed and honored Mother Seraphine most heartily. Mother Kostka, who had been superior here for seven years, was replaced by Mother Leonie of Buffalo, and the latter arrived at St. Mary's on August 7.  Sister Alcantara, teacher of the first grade, also was replaced by Sr. Pauline. Everything continued as heretofore and steady progress was made.

The good God preserved us from any cases of severe ill­ness, but a heavy hail storm did some damage.  We accepted as His holy will or permission, knowing He does all things well.  All our crops in the fields and the gardens, as also those of the farmers surrounding us, were completely destroyed. We naturally feel the loss but submit to God's will with resignation.  Twenty-three young ladies were received into the Sodality.  The Sodality is a very flourishing one.

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