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1919 - "Influenza Raged"

After three months of a suspended school session, classes were again resumed for all pupils on January 6. Al­though the influenza or flu raged in our vicinity, we had been able to continue school for the boarders, and we were graciously spared the terrible ravages of this awful disease.

On March second the annual retreat for the students opened under the direction of Reverend Charles A. Meehan, S. J. of Chicago. On Wednesday after Easter, a bazaar was held in our gymnasium, which, contrary to our expectations, proved a great success.

On June 2, 16 graduates received their diplomas and certificates and immediately after that Summer school was opened here for thirty eight Sisters from the various states. They all received Sisters' certificates and are entitled to teach unmolested in any state.

After twelve years of successful labor here, Mother Leonie, on August 11 left us to become Superior at New Lex­ington. Mother Mathilde, who had been Superior at Sacred Heart, Columbus, replaced her here. Other Sisters trans­ferred were: Sr. Henrica to New Lexington, Sr. Levine and Sr. Bona to Stella Niagara, and Sr. Alverna to Sacranento, Calif. They were replaced by Sr. Adele of New Lexington, Sr. Brigitta of Buffalo and Sr. Loyola from Alliance. There was no one to take Sr. Alverna's place, so Miss Katherine Hooper was engaged to take full charge of a class.

Other lay teachers were engaged - Miss F. Grenier as violin teacher, Miss Ann O'Shea as dramatic teacher, and Miss Brabara Metz as dressmaker. A greater number of pupils than ever before was received this year. On September 9 there were 100 boarders and several had to be refused for lack of room. Mrs. C. E. Griffith, on December 2, gave two splendid renditions of Shakespeare's plays.

Political organizations here in the west were very stubborn. Mines were closed and for two months no coal was delivered. For this reason we were obliged to begin our Christmas holidays on Dec. 12.

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