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1920 - "True Sisterly Love"

Owing to a shortage of coal, school had to be closed on December 12 and did not reopen until January 6. On Jan­uary 30 one pupil showed symptoms of scarlet fever and on the following day, another showed the same symptoms, so with the advice of the priests and other experienced persons, we de­cided to send the children home. They left us on the feast of the Purification and returned to St. Mary's three weeks later. The board of health had decided that all the schools of O'Neill and vicinity could be reopened.

Towards the end of February our dear Sr. Gregoria Colonius became seriously ill. She had dragged herself around for many, many weeks and insisted on being with the children until the last minute. About 4:00 P. M. during her period of surveillance she was obliged, against her will and custom, to sit down. When she was relieved from duty by the Sister following, she went to bed never again to take up her activity with the children. The doctor ordered her to be taken to St. Joseph's Hospital, Omaha, where after an ap­parent successful operation she soon passed away. Before her death, she was often visited and consoled by Archbishop Harty. Her remains were brought to O'Neill and her funeral was held on March 4 on a First Friday. R. I. P.

On March 17 the high school pupils gave their annual entertainment which received great applause and praise.

The students' retreat was given during the first three days of Holy Week by Reverend Father Corboy of Creighton University.

During the year opportunities to hear really good music was repeatedly offered to the pupils. On January 22 the Zoellner family entertained us with their excellent achievements. The Zoellner String Quartette always heartily welcomed, earned unusual applause. Equally appreciated was the recital of Mr. Harold Henry, the well-known American pianist. The rendering of the various selections of his program was simply marvelous. In April we were given an in­teresting lecture on Alaska by Mr. Raine, and in May it was our rare privilege to hear Madam Fauline DuClos on the harp.  Many of the older girls who had never seen nor heard a harp were almost enchanted by this beautiful instrument.

On June 14 eighty little tots received their First Holy Communion and on June 16, seventeen pupils were grad­uated. Graduation was held for the first time in the beau­tifully decorated assembly hall in our Academy.

During a part of the summer vacation, Mother Mathilde and three Sisters attended the Summer Session of Creighton University, while at the same time here in our Academy 12 Sisters from other houses attended the Summer School. Sr. Annunciata Cahler and Sr. Dolores Disch received their M.A. Degrees from Creighton University. The new school year opened on September 6 with 274 pupils, seventy of whom were boarders. By general acclaim no boy boarders were received.

Shortly before Christmas the pupils presented a well-prepared program and all left for the Christmas holidays full of Christmas spirit to carry the age-old message to all, "Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth to men of good will."

During the year the following changes took place: Sr. Eusebia to Sacred Heart, Buffalo; Sr. Magdala to Stella Niagara. Sr. Eugene came from Buffalo. Sr. Alacoque from Los Angeles, Sr. Edelreda von Brixon, now Sr. Maxine , from Stella Niagara to O'Neill. Besides, there were two lay teachers engaged for music, Miss Grenier, of Neligh, as violin teacher and Miss Clifford from Columbus, Ohio for piano. First and second grades were taught by Miss Mary Phalin of O'Neill.

According to all reports, misery still reigns supreme in Germany, so Mother Mathilde generously sent aid repeat­edly to our suffering Sisters. May the bond of love be­tween our American and European Sisters thus be strengthened. May the true spirit of sisterly love reign in our congrega­tion, increasing daily, so that in the blessed hereafter, we may have the privilege of resting in the Heart of our Divine Bridegroom Who expects nothing less of us than true love of God and our neighbor.



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