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1922 - "Farewell to America"

After a two weeks' vacation our pupils were glad to return to St. Mary's to open the second semester a few days later.

At the beginning of Lent the children's retreat was conducted by Reverend M. McNulty, 3. J. On May 9 Confirma­tion was administered by Archbishop Marty to 58 boys and 80 girls besides many adults. The day, bright with Nebraska sunshine, was a glorious one for the entire parish. The Archbishop had his picture taken with all those he had con­firmed that day to be sent to our Holy Father as a surprise.

As a close to his visit, he gave the pupils a free day and a picnic which naturally made all hearts bound with joy.

On June 11, 14 boys and 15 girls received their First Holy Communion. On the same day the Alumnae banquet was held, with 80 persons present. Commencement took place on June 15 and there were 22 graduates. An admirable spirit around the students' prevailed throughout the year and all left us with good reports, promising to be back in school again next year.

During June and July ten Sisters from other houses were here for Summer School. The Sisters' annual retreat was held August 6 to 13, given by Reverend Father Froebus, S. J.  On August 18, Mother Mathilde, accompanied by Sr. Antoinette, went to Stella to be present at the Superiors' retreat. Sr. Antoinette remained in Stella as Directress of the Academy. She replaced Sr. Lima who became Novice Mistress. Sr. Dorothy, her predecessor, became Superior at St. Aloysius Academy. The Superiors' retreat was con­ducted by Reverend Bernard Cohausz, S. J. from August 23 to 31. It was an. important one as Reverend Mother Valeska, our General Superior, was present, many superiors and sis­ters were transferred after the close of this retreat. Mother Mathilde came back to O'Neill with Mother Kostka of Havre and mother Stephen of Sacramento, Calif. Both had been replaced and came to O'Neill to make themselves useful. In March, Sr. Valeria came to replace Sr. Brigitta who re­turned to St. Ann's, Buffalo. Sr. Longina came from Alli­ance to take Sr. Loyola's place as the latter was sent to Cowlitz, Washington. Sr. Sabina returned to Stella for profession and was replaced in the kitchen by Sr. Lambertine, a young sister lately from Germany. About the middle of August Sr. Cartona arrived to take charge of the eighth grade. In the latter part of November Sr. Honoria was sent here to take Sr. Angelica's class as the latter had been taken to the hospital in Omaha the last week in October. She was suffering from a severe kidney ailment and was obliged to remain there after the end of the year, although without any operation. Towards the end of September Sr. Adele, our music teacher, went to Stella to prepare for her return to Germany. In company with Sr. Bona lately professed, who was I going to Europe to study art, and Sr. Aquinas, a novice, to continue her studies in music she made the trip. To replace Sr. Adele, Sr. Angeline came from Los Angeles and took charge of the music department.

At last came the hour when Reverend Mother Veleska had to say farewell to America. After she had again visited some of the western houses, she with Mother Gerard set out on her journey to Vancouver. On the way, Mother Dorothy and Sister Dionysia joined them and all four sailed to Vancouver where Reverend Mother and Sr. Dionysia boarded an English vessel for Java. Both parties were sad at saying farewell. Mother and Mother Dorothy wended their way homeward, the former to Stella and the latter to New Lexington. The year 1922 will be one long remembered.

After Christmas Sr. Annunciata and Sr. Remegia were transferred to Sacred Heart, Buffalo and Charleston, W. Va., respectively. Sr. Electa from Sacred Heart, Buffalo re­placed Sr. Annunciata and Sr. Leo from Charleston, came in Sr. Remegia's place. On December 5, Sr. Augustine arrived from New Lexington to help out. Now at the end of the year we thank God heartily for sparing us from all sickness.

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