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1931 - "Kind, Fatherly Voice."

With the approach of January, the halo round the Christmas candles fades away and the Christmas Crib disappears. We find ourselves bowing in humble gratitude for the old year’s gifts and graces, while we breathe a fervent” Deus Providebit” for the year just dawning, and begin anew the various duties God has appointed for us. During the last week of the month our dear mother Alphonse Kampshoff made the accustomed long trip to Stella to attend a meeting of the council.

On the 12th of February Sisters and children enjoyed the extraordinary privilege of hearing the Holy Father, Pius XI, in an address delivered over the radio. Though we shall never forget the impress ion that that kind fatherly voice made upon our very souls, the words addressed to his dearest children, the religious, will be most fondly cherished.

The students’ retreat, conducted by Reverend E. J. Colgan, S. J., of Omaha, opened on March 4. The days were marked by deep recollection and silence, and we are sure we are full of grace. On March 17 the Senior class presented "Nerf Noam.” It was successful financially and otherwise. On march 2I Mother Alphonse again attended a meeting of the council, and returned with the good news that our dear Reverend Mother Aloysia, Superior General, would soon visit St. Mary's. Preparations were begun for the visit and for a Diocesan School Meeting to be held here.

Sr. M. Honoria O’Grady arrived on September 5 to replace Sr. Alacoque Rohr, wo was transferred to Alliance.  September 7 brought our new Superior, Reverend Mother Jerome Hoefling, who soon learned to know and love St. Mary’s. She was accompanied by Sr. Lina Metz as second assistant.  Sr. Paulin Russ left us to take up her duties as Superior at Michael’s Convent, Buffalo, N.Y.  School was opened on September 8 with an enrollment of 220 pupils.  Lucille Miller, one of our graduates, entered the Novitiate at Stella.

Sr. M. Eligia Bernhardt came October 15 to replace Sr. M. de Chantal who was with us for a short month. The feast of Christ the King was celebrated on October 23 by a program in the Assembly room. An address by Reverend Father Leahy was followed by the solemn act of Consecration and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. November was uneventful.

On December 8, 25 of our high school pupils were received into the Sodality of Our Lady. Just before Christmas, Sr. M Georgia Dunne was transferred to Sacred Heart Convent, Columbus, Ohio.  She was replaced by Sr. Alexia McGovern. One of Father Lord’s Christmas plays was presented on December 22 as a close to the school year for the Christmas vacation. It received very favorable comment.  The early mass on Christmas day was sung in Gregorian Chant by the boys of the high school.  With gratitude we look back upon the days of 1931 and filled with confidence, we look forward to the year of 1932. Deo Gratias.

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