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1938 - "Franciscan Style"

Another year opened its pages, to be filled with many important events, before it has run its course.  Close upon the return of the children from the holidays came the semester examinations, followed by the students’ annual retreat.  This year it was conducted by Reverend Father Walsh, S. J. from Creighton University.  God’s grace was very active and Father’s sacrifices were not in vain.

The month of February opened with the celebration of dear Mother Cherubim’s nameday. Though celebrated in the true Franciscan style, yes, because of that fact, it was a very happy day.  Many of the child Saints brought blessings from Heave, and our tiniest boarder boy, as the Infant Jesus of Prague, added a blessing to the close of the day.

The Lenten season found Sisters and students fervently united with our Suffering Savior.  On March 13th and 14th, over 30 delegates from St. Mary’s traveled to Omaha to attend a Sodality Convention directed by Rev. Daniel Lord, S. J. They were days of great profit to the Sodality in general.

During the month of April dear Mother Cherubim had the chapel freshly painted.

Our Lady’s month at St. Mary’s is always lovely.  This year much solemnity was added to the prayers by the novena in preparation for the important task of signing for one of the three provinces into which our dear U.S.A. has been divided.  God grant that the choice was wisely made by each Sister.  That important task was scarcely completed when our dear Mother Lidwina paid her last official visit as Provincial Superior to St. Mary’s.  She was accompanied by Sister Bernice.  Mother spent two very pleasant weeks with us, interrupting her visit by a trio to Denver.  Our dear Mother Cherubim was her companion. This gave Mother an opportunity to visit the new Novitiate house and to help in the selection of some of the furniture to be used in the convent.  Rev. Mother Lidwina returned to St. Mary’s and remained for Class Day and Commencement exercises.  We considered this a great honor, for before another commencement, we, the Midwest will claim our won Provincial Superior.  The close of May brought with it great happiness for forty-three little ones who received our dear Lord into their hearts for the first time.

Twenty-eight girls and eight boys were graduated on June 2nd. The exercises were held in the church.  Immediately after the close of school, Sister Radigund and Constance went to teach vacation school at Ewing, while Sister Leontine and Sister Aloysius went to Clearwater.  Large groups of children were taught in both places and prepared for First Holy Communion.  Then followed departure for summer school. Sister Leontine, Sister Christine and Aloysius went to Creighton, University.  Sister Serafia who had signed for the Eastern Province left for Canisius College, Buffalo.  After the summer courses there she was transferred to Charleston, W. Va.  Sister Alexia attended the Golden Jubilee celebration at Holy Rosary Mission, and then went on to Holy Springs, South Dakota for medical treatment.

Little of importance took place during the summer vacation except that we lost several loved Sisters.  Sister Louise was transferred to New Lexington, Ohio.  She was replaced by Sister Natalia from St. Joseph’s, Alliance.  Sister Ewalda left for St. Leo’s Convent, Columbus, Ohio.  Sister Georgella came to take her place.  Sister Wilfrid who has assisted Sister Ewalda in the classroom, was transferred to Grace Day Home, Sacramento, Calif.  Sister Christine whose transfer left a vacancy in the seventh and eighth grades was replaced by Sister Arthur to teach grades five and six.  This left Sister Aloysius free to advance to grades seven and eight.  Sister Serafia exchanges places with Sister Fides of Charleston, W. Va.

During the month of August a request was made by Rev. Father Vernig of Winner, South Dakota, for Sisters to teach the parochial school.  Rev. Mother Lidwina delegated Mother Cherubim to visit the school with a view to its acceptance as a new field of labor.  Sisters Dolores and Eleanor accompanied Mother.  All expressed themselves well pleased with the school and convent.  During the latter part of August Rev. Mother Lidwina, Mother Celsa and Sister Gonzaga sailed for Holland to attend the General Chapter held there.  Mother Cherubim was to have accompanied them, but the last minute arrangements made the trip impossible.  To our great joy Rev. Mother Aloysius was re-elected as Superior General.  This required the approbation of Rome as all third term elections do.  Again, to our great joy that approbation was given.

In September we were very happy to have a postulant from St. Mary’s ready to enter the new Midwest novitiate at Marycrest, Denver.  Mother Cherubim accompanied Monica Held, a graduate of the class of 1928, to her destination.  School opened on September 6th with a large enrollment in grades, high school and among the boarder group.  This made it necessary to convert the infirmary into a dormitory for the small girls.  It is one of…

October was an ideal month for the Midwest.  The weather was exceptionally warm and sunny, making it unnecessary to start the furnace.  As in former years Rosary devotions were held each evening followed by Benediction of the most Blessed Sacrament. 

In November rumors of war abroad hastened the departure of our dear European travellers from Holland.  They brought with them the Council’s sanction of the division of the Provinces, and the news that Rev. Mother Alphonse Kampshaff had been chosen to help establish a sisterhood in Karachi, India.

Early in the month of December, two of our Sophomore boarders had the great happiness of receiving our dear Lord for the first time.  They were admitted with the other candidates into the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin at a solemn reception on December 8th.  December 10 brought with it Rome’s approbation of the division of Provinces and the appointments for the two newly established.  They are as follows:

For the Middle West:

Mother Erica Hughes

Provincial Superior

Mother Celsa Schmalen

First Provincial Ass’t.

Sister Dolores Disch

Provincial Assistant

Mother Immaculata McCarthy

Provincial Assistant

Mother Elma Vifquain

Provincial Assistant


For the Western Province

Mother Emma Cale

Provincial Assistant

Mother Carissa Assman

First Provincial Asst.

Mother Clement Finkle

Provincial Assistant

Mother Tarcissia Mulbay

Provincial Assistant

Mother Marita Riddle

Provincial Assistant


A beautiful Christmas entertainment held at the K. of C. Hall on December 20th was the signal to close school for the holidays.  Classes will be resumed on January 4th.  A touch of sorrow was added to Sisters’ Christmas joy this year, for our dear Mother Cherubim received an appointment as Superior of the Motherhouse of the Eastern Province at Stella Niagara.  Mother left us at the close of Holy Innocents Day, but loving memories of three and a half years will follow us everywhere as we pass from room to room at St. Mary’s.  She has endeared herself to all within and without St. Mary’s especially the poor and needy.  Mother came to St. Mary’s just as we were in the midst of heavy financial difficulties.  Cheerfully and courageously she helped us to pray for assistance.  The generosity of the people of O’Neill…

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