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1905 - "The sisters numbered 20."

With deepest thanks to God and His Holy Mother, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, we closed the year of 1904 and are looking forward confidently to the new one, trusting in the loving care of Divine Providence.

Reverend Father Lyons, S. J. gave a very successful retreat of three days to the high school pupils, and it closed with general Communion of 200 children.  On Ascen­sion Day, 45 children received their First Holy Communion. The school year passed quietly without anything further de­serving special notice.  Six young ladies were graduated with honor.  All passed their state examination and received their teachers' certificates.  Several passed their subjects with 100 percent.  Besides these, seven other young ladies who will be graduated in June 1906, received their teachers' cer­tificates.  Fifteen pupils received the final Palmer Certifi­cates in penmanship.

During vacation the Sisters were given a beautiful and practical retreat by Reverend P. Grotegeer, S. J.  At the close of it, Sister Aemiliana, Sr. Ludgaris, and Sr. Marcella novice) were changed to other convents and in their stead came Sr. Gregoria Philips, Sr. Wencesla, And Sr. Patrick.  In February Sr. Magdala and Sr. Honoria (novice) came, the former as painting and music teacher, the latter to replace Sr. Patrick who had returned to the Novitiate to pronounce her Holy Vows.  The sisters numbered 20.

On September 4, the sixth school year of St. Mary’s opened with more than 200 pupils enrolled.  For the feast of Our Holy Father St. Francis, a Franciscan Father came from Omaha.  The Sisters all went to confession to him and on the feast we had a solemn High Mass with sermon, conference and Benediction in the afternoon followed by general absolution.  On the last day of the year we had retreat which closed in the evening with a solemn Te Deum. Deo Gratias.