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During the school year 1968-69, St. Mary's is publishing her first school newspaper, St. Mary's Info.  The Info, which will be published six times during the school year, hopes to tell the story of SMH.  The paper, supported solely by advertising and subscription sales is primarily for the students.

The Info staff has taken on a very positive policy and the staff editors hope to illustrate leadership and a sense of responsibility in their editorials.  Perhaps the policy under which we are working is best summarized in the following quotation from Joseph Pulitzer: St. Mary's Info will be "an organ of truth;...will oppose all frauds and shams wherever and whatever they are; will advocate principles and ideas rather than prejudices and partisanship."

In our attempt to discover the whole truth and to print it as it is or our opinion of it (as it is written in the editorials), the reader may not always agree with the position taken by the Info staff.  Therefore, we are willing to hear and to print opposing views presented to us.

Peggy McCabe - October 7, 1968


October 7, 1968

November 11, 1968

December 16, 1968

February 10, 1969

March 31, 1969

May 12, 1969